The Eternal Positivity Machine

Creating a positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet.

Phone Better

Ever since our founder invented the PopGrip by gluing buttons to the backside of his phone, we've been making phone life better.

We innovate grips, mounts, wallets, cases, and chargers so you can grip better, chat better, text better, selfie better, photo better, video better, multitask better, and charge better.

Popsockets Growth timeline from Kickstart to Popgrip. Popsockets Growth timeline from Kickstart to Popgrip.

Be Better

Founded to make phone life better, we aspire to make life better.

We're on a mission to transform PopSockets into an Eternal Positivity Machine - an enduring global brand that makes an increasingly positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet.


in donations of cash and product


of our packaging is made from recycled and FSC-certified materials


in seed investments in impact organizations

Earth Better

Embracing the Power of Plants

We see plants as pivotal in increasing the health and happiness of our planet.

PopGrip Plant is our first effort to introduce plant-based material into our entire product line.

All of our products are aligned with our animal welfare policy.

100% of our company-sponsored meals and snacks are plant-based

Environmental & Social Impact

Here at PopSockets we aim to be a force for good that perpetually enhances the health and wellbeing of the planet and all living creatures. Our team is committed to driving long-lasting, positive environmental and social change by partnering with leading nonprofits, dedicating our time to volunteer on impactful projects, and working to make our supply chain as environmentally-sound and ethical as possible. We aim to minimize the impact of our products on the environment and animals, and maximize the welfare of our people and other stakeholders. We also hope to mobilize our millions of loyal, engaged consumers, our innovative global team and our operational expertise to bring that vision to life.

Fair labour for All

PopSockets holds our suppliers to the highest ethical and human rights standards and we’ve taken actions to ensure that remains of utmost priority. In 2018, PopSockets was approved as an affiliate company by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), an organization that promotes best practices in company management of human rights within the supply chain.

Our People

As soon as you step through our front door, it's easy to see that PopSockets isn't your average company. Sure, we've got pretty sweet products to thank for that, but most of the credit goes to our people.

At some companies, diversity is nothing more than a buzzword. We never want to be that way. In fact, we’ve taken—and continue to take—significant steps to maintain an inclusive workplace. Some of these actions include actively recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds, leveraging our partnership with the Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association to help increase applications from underrepresented groups, offering equal maternity and paternity leave, flexible start times.