Have a PopSocket and need your mobile or tablet to mount? The PopClip enables you to mount your device to your dashboard, sun-visor, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall, tiles, locker, gym equipment, basically loads of surfaces. Your PopSockets will snap easily into and out of your PopClip to enable hands-free viewing & use. The PopClip attaches to surfaces with a single-use 3M VHB adhesive; it can be removed without leaving any residue with fishing line or dental floss. One extra 3M adhesive is included. (For more details see our Learn page.)

All-though the 3M sticky pad is super strong it does not like any contamination on the surface area it's being stuck on so make sure you give the surface area a really good clean. Just in-case there is contamination on your surface area we supply you with a spare sticky pad.
We recommend that a smooth plastic or chrome area is located in the car that has not been contaminated with any silicone products, failing that there is always the sun-visor! In the home the PopClip likes clean flat walls, tiles, glass, smooth wood and plastics. 
Don't forget that the sticky pad is super strong and it does not need the whole sticky pad to be stuck down so you only need a small surface area to place your PopClip.


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