Counterfeit Warning

Counterfeit Warning


Fake PopSockets grips can be easily found on third-party selling sites such as Amazon and Ebay, market stalls & smaller shops. Unfortunately, they are not of the same quality as OFFICIAL PopSockets grips. Print quality is poor, the components are substandard and the stickiness is extremely weak in comparison to real PopSockets grips. You will be able to spot these by the price and the missing print stamped on the base.

Official, authentic PopSockets grips are protected by trademark and patent laws internationally. A list of our intellectual property can be found on our Intellectual Property page. This intellectual property includes issued utility and design patents and registered trademarks of our major brands across the world.


Official retailers include:

  • Harrods
  • Arcadia (TopShop)
  • Gift Universe (Menkind, Red5)
  • ToysRUs
  • Ryman
  • Pylones
  • Fonebitz
  • Bentalls
  • & many more independent retailers

If you're unsure about a retailer, drop us an email. We will then be able to confirm if these are official.


Trust us, you & your device will thank us.