Counterfeit Warning

Counterfeit Warning

PopSockets is aware that counterfeit products exist in the market and we take very seriously the impact to us and especially to you. We don’t want you duped, and you shouldn’t purchase a cheap knock-off just as you shouldn’t buy a knock-off car or have a knock-off handbag over your shoulder.

Counterfeits and knock-offs often appear to be authentic but they lack the high quality materials and superior functionality that we’ve worked hard to consistently deliver. PopSockets has always taken pride in creating great products, and we are determined to eliminate this counterfeiting issue, including daily monitoring of websites and marketplaces and, in some instances legal action is being and will continue to be taken.

Purchasing products from unauthorised sellers is done at your own risk. Be cautious of sellers that offer substantial discounts. A list of unauthorised sellers can be found here

In the UK only Skate Hut (part of the ownership group) are authorised to sell PopSockets on AMAZON, EBAY, & TESCO DIRECT. ANY OTHER SELLER IS FAKE or an UNAUTHORISED FOREIGN SELLER your guarantee or warranty will not be valid in the UK.    

We are vigorously enforcing counterfeits and knock-offs with registered intellectual property around the world. A list of our intellectual property can be found on our Intellectual Property page.  This intellectual property includes issued utility and design patents, and registered trademarks of our major brands across the world.